Monday, April 13, 2009

C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A. Presents a Fair and Balanced Look at Competing Plans for Alameda Point


There's been a lot of talk about our Evil Robot Mayor's diabolical plan for Alameda Point, but how many of your readers are aware that the Coalition Of Sock-Puppets United In Inaction! Saving Our Sandwiches! For A Better Alameda (C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A.) has put together a competing plan of its own?

We here at C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A. realize that even Right-Thinking Alamedans may have questions about our alternative plan. That's why we stuffed a new video into the U-Tubes, one that finally goes beyond all the smooth talk and glossy brochures in order to offer a fair and balanced look at these two competing plans:

Dave Williamson

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Jon Spangler said...

It's about time that someone did a proper "hatchet job" in attacking the evil MoonNevada developers who want to ruin our little fiefdom...

Thanks for the incisive and accurate portrayals of the pros and cons of development, Alameda-style...