Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Huge Demonstration Shuts Down Alameda's Sock Drawers

Yesterday, a demonstration against our Evil Robot Mayor's diabolical plans to enslave the human race was held. There were over 100 sock-puppets mouthing in unison, "Don't Enslave the Human Race, Just Say No to the Robot Base." There were almost half as many puppeteers as sock-puppets.

Following is a flyer from the newly formed Coalition of Sock-Puppets United In Inaction! Saving Our Sandwiches! for a Better Alameda (C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A.), which was passed out at the protest:

  • We, the members of C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A., a huge community organization that has been serving Alameda for days and is completely distinct from unrelated groups like Inaction Alameda (I.A.), Save Our Sandwiches! Alameda (S.O.S.!.A), and Save Our Sock-Puppets! Alameda (S.O.S.-P.!A.), hereby DEMAND that our Evil Robot Mayor withdraw her Support of her Human-Race-Enslaving Robot Base Development Proposal.
  • Alameda's Evil Robot Mayor campaigned on her trustworthiness and humanity. Her campaign signs, which are featured here today, clearly state, "Trust Me, I'm Not an Evil Robot." Now she has been exposed as a Robot, and she is backing a plan for a secret base at Alameda Point, complete with force fields. We DEMAND that this flip-flop represents a significant 'watering down' of her campaign pledge.

Contact: Coalition of Sock-Puppets United In Inaction! Saving Our Sandwiches! for a Better Alameda (C.O.S.-P.U.I.I.!S.O.S.!F.A.B.A.): Klondike 5-3226.


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