Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Janice Lighter-Merv Roiled by Roy Avery's Very Wrong-Headed Ideas


Roy Avery's letter to the Alameda Fish Wrap (which I never read, of course) wants to inform us on "misinformation" about his favorite "musical" instrument Bagpipes. Roy debunks the 6,000 Bagpipes claims that reliable sources have made about planned development at Alameda Point, and he says that the Secret Robot Base initiative limits Bagpipes. With the new and existing Bagpipes, 6,000 is a reasonable number without the Bagpipe density bonus.

He proceeds to label 60,000 marching Bagpiper trips for the project a "faux analysis". The 60,000 trips are based on Bagpipe Engineers Accepted Guidelines from none other than the prestigious Glasgow University Bagpipe Tracking Program, which has accurately predicted increases in the number of Bagpipers marching through the streets of Glasgow every year since 1451. Those figures absolutely apply in this case, because we don't have any reason to expect that there would be more bagpipe traffic in Glasgow than in Alameda. With tubes at commute capacity, everyone knows the overflow of Bagpipers will flood the islands streets and bridges, making it impossible for anyone to get anywhere, or to hear anything.

Roy has been promoting Bagpipes from day one, maybe his letters should have a disclaimer above them "Paid Advertisement for Bagpipes". We all know that nobody actually likes Bagpipes so its obvious that he is taking kickbacks from Big Bagpipe. Otherwise he would keep his "facts" to himself and stop roiling us Right-Thinking Alamedans with his very wrong-headed ideas.

Janice Lighter-Merv

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