Friday, June 5, 2009

Green Living by Janet Marchant: Green Family Fun with New Lego® Green!

Many of you have probably been wondering how to get your kids involved in being green. Well, now thanks to perennial favorite toy-maker Lego®, it's now possible for your kids to go green, just like Mom and Dad!

After weeks of begging, our eight-year-old son Chad finally broke us down, so we hopped in our brand-new Hybrid Hummer® (Did I mention we bought that? Fodder for another column!) over to Wal-Mart® (where prices are always lower, which of course is very environmentally friendly) to pick up one of the Lego® Green sets. Chad opted for the Prison Camp kit. Well, let me tell you, we haven't been able to get our little boy to come out of his room, even for his favorite TV shows! (Don't worry; we just put a TV in his room so he could watch them while he was playing with his new green "friends." But I digress.)

The set we bought, if it's typical of the rest of the Lego® Green series, is made of high-quality plastic, and contains bricks, plates, some rather scary-looking mini-figures, and pieces that look like plants and bits of trees. All in shades of green that I would describe as neon green, light green, olive drab, gray-green, primary green, dark green, and very dark green.

We're very proud of our son for going green. We're still looking something to occupy his little sister, though. (She's a bit too young to be picking up the tiny pieces.) Yes Mattel, we're looking at you: It's time to come out with Barbie® Green!

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