Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Secret Article Reveals Secret Strategy


It's a darn good thing that people around here are rallying against those fighting Robots trying to set up a secret base in Alameda. I found out yesterday that some city that's not Alameda is actually promoting Robot Wars. The news was buried way at the bottom of an article, obviously because the Robots don't want us to know that they have already built a secret base not far from Alameda. They call it Fort Mason, and I'll bet anything they are running a training camp there to prepare them for the takeover of Alameda. It's all part of their fiendish strategy.

This is why we have to fight the Evil Robot Mayor's Secret Robot Base! Do we want to be like that other city that's not Alameda, and just roll over for the Robots? I don't think so.

Lon Geddoff

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