Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jimmy Ward is Not Opposed to Classes, Just the Way They Are Taught

Dear Mr. Grumbel,

I want everybody to know that I made a complaint to the school Principle about our stupid Inglish classes. I alredy know how to speak Inglish so why do we have classes about it that is stupid. My complaint is about how our teacher so doesn't get why that is stupid and she keeps teaching us stuff that doesn't make any sense because its not how we talk anyway. Why does she make us copy sentences like I can see the rake I can see the robot. Why would a robot have a rake. Because it prolly has a bilt in leef blower.

The Principle needs to make her not teach stuff we will never use. Its a waist of time working on punkshoeayshun whats that all about I just think someone made up all of those rules to make us kids frustratid?

I demand an investagashun of why the teacher thinks she can waist our time like that, and where did she learn to teech because I think it was in some kind of prison for kids who arnt good enuff at spelling so they were locked up and there punishmint was having her as a teacher. She tries to hide the truth by acting nice. Im sure she is very nice, I just dont trust her. Really, I think School is grate but how can I enjoy it when we have to learn such stupid stuff in class? Sometimes math is stupid like Inglish and art is boring alot too. They just need to take out all the stupid stuff and then everything will be grate.

Jimmy Ward

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