Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ian Dash-Mote Thinks Taxing to Get Money for "Free" Education is Outrageous

Dear Rog,

I think having to pay taxes to support public schools is outrageous. The deal is that they are supposed to provide a free education for all children, so why does the public end up paying for it? What part of "free education" does our City not understand? Actually maybe its the "education" part also that they dont get. The Children still have major learning problems such as dyslexia, which wasnt even around when I was in school as far as I can rebmemer. That must mean that its a result of all of the money going to insanely high administrator salaries.

Why, the mean salary in each category of administrator in our school district is almost high enough to enable those overpaid officials to live in Alameda. And for this they threaten to bring essential, long-established sports and music programs to an end? Thats downright mean! It just goes to show that when it comes to taxes, its just like that philosopher (cant remember his name) said: the means dont justify the ends.

And another thing, every time I turn around I am sick of getting parking tickets. Nobody ever tickets the good-for-nothing leeches who have the gall to park in front of my house, so why should I single-handedly support law enforcement by paying those tickets? If everyone just stopped paying their parking tickets, the money for all of those endless layers of bureaucracy would disappear in no time. Reduce the ponderous city's outgo. Problem solved!

Sincerely, Ian Dash-Mote


Anonymous said...

Trying keeping a book from the Alameda "FREE" library beyond it due date and then you will experience the joy of FREE no more.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the solution to this problem is obvious. Since the education the kids are receiving these days is useless anyway, all kids should be required to leave school at the age of 16 and be redirected into careers as valet parkers for all of us right thinking Alamedans. That way, we would never get parking tickets and the kids would be relieved of having to attend those useless classes like French. (I mean, really, what kind of town are we living in when impressionable kids are encouraged to study French?)

Just remind those kids not to park any cars in front of my house.

Anonymous said...

Some days it's like shooting fish in a barrel, ins't it?