Thursday, October 11, 2007

5:39 a.m.: Praise from Tim Gubitnik


Thank you for your years of dedication and focus on Alameda noose. You are an asset to our community, a snappy dresser, and an all-around swell guy. No other reporter has the depth of knowledge regarding the "Measure Acorn" law (which added Article 24 to the City Charter in 1971 to restrict Squirrels) or the commitment to cover discussion of the law, primarily in the form of press releases and grumpy letters to the editor. The community should also recognize Former City Council Candidate and Brenda Karl for their perpetual efforts to defend the letter and intent of the Measure Acorn law against all threats, real and imaginary. They are truly our soldiers of righteousness on the front lines of the Global War on Squirrels.

Tim Gubitnik

P.S.—The Alameda Daily Noose and you don't have any plans for this weekend, do you? I'm moving again, and I could use a little extra help carrying the hide-a-bed, not to mention packing and carrying all my other stuff. Oh, and would you mind bringing the Noosemobile? Being the wonderful guy you are, I knew you wouldn't want a good friend like me to have to pay for movers and a truck.

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