Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's time for those who love Alameda to stand up


6 months ago, I received less than 30% of the vote in local Alameda election. I clearly speak for the people of Alameda when I write to you about our problem with squirrels. having received almost one-third of the vote, I have earned a right to define the issues in town and declare which residents love or don't-love, our beloved island city. I'm a former citycouncil candidate afterall!

It's time for people who love Alameda to stand up and denounce those who don't love Alameda. I'm talking about the squirrel lovers. Sure they have cute bushy tails, and their chit-chit-chittering can be oddly calming, but these menaces of our beloved greenspace have got to go! Anyone who disagrees with me is clearly in the minority and on the take from the pro-squirrel lobby, though I'm sure some are just plain stupid.

I urge all Alamedans who love their town to attend the next council meeting and tell those know-nothings on the council to "Keep Trees Away." Who are these elected officials to think that they represent everyone?


Former City Council Candidate


Anonymous said...


Of course you speak for all of Alameda. If you divide the amount of money spent on your campaign by the number of votes you recieved multiplied by the number of times we've claimed to represent Alameda and multiple that number by how many times we've lost court cases then the actual vote count favors you greatly.

The one thing you didn't mention is keeping the out of town squirrels away from our acorns. They're our acorns and you can't have them. These out of towners come to the island on a daily basis, take our acorns and beat a hasty retreat to where ever they're from. This must stop. Unaction Alameda is calling for a public forum to discuss how we can keep out of town squirrels out of town.

We call on the Council to stop meeting on such unimportant issues as the redevlopment of Alameda point and turn their attention to this growing squirrel problem.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that 30% of the voters were disenfranchised in the last Council election, thanks to the 70% who voted for the wrong candidates!

Why can't those people see that we already have too many trees and too many squirrels in Alameda? If any more trees get planted, our telephone wires will be choked with squirrels! No attic will be safe!

The trees in my yard have been there a long time, so they're okay. Besides, they look nice. But what makes anyone think that new trees would look anything like old trees? Get real! For one thing, new trees are much, much shorter. Also, new trees get planted in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Fort Wayne. Why would we want to be more like those places?