Friday, May 11, 2007

People cause traffic


I have a perfect solution for the on-going debate around development and traffic.

Developers want to build homes. The City Council wants to please the developers. Some people want to build a lot more homes. I say let 'em!

The catch is, we just won't let anybody live in them! I believe in business, it is called a win-win situation. No traffic, builders build.

Jimmy James


Anonymous said...


It's this kind of wrong headed thinking that has turned Alameda into a wasteland.

Of course you let people buy the houses. Our schools need the tax revenue that's lost by those evil council members giving it to the developers instead of our kids. However, once the people buy the house, we lock them in and never let them out. That way, the developers will build more houses and we can lock more people into their houses reducing traffic.

Come on Jimmy, get with the program. What's next? Volunteering for the Transportation Commission.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I really like your soon to be award winning noose. You report on the stories people need to hear, instead of the ones they want to hear about. And I really like that you don't talk about anything that doesn't happen in Alameda. Who needs to know anyway. It would be cool if you had a tv show every day, or even better, how about a radio show that came on every hour. Bestest would be for you to stand at the corner of Webster and Atlantic like a town crier.