Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Skyscraper Blots Out Sunset


I am writing to complain about the oversized building that is blocking my view, and will be even worse when its finished. Why wasn't I notified about this horrible project? It is plainly visible through my bathroom window which faces the bay and San Francisco. Already, I cannot see the part of San Francisco that is directly behind the new skyscraper. What is worse, the building blocks the ray of sunlight that used to hit my bathroom mirror for about a minute every day just before dusk. This time of year, that would be at about 6:23 p.m., except when its really cloudy. That ray of sunlight would practically blind you if you walked into the bathroom at that time of day, and now its gone!

I was not given any opportunity to comment on the project and its affect on my view and sunlight. Just because its in San Francisco doesn't mean that the City Council shouldn't notify everyone in effected neighborhoods, so why didn't they park in front of my neighbor's house knock on my door around sunset and come see the soon-to-be-blocked beam of sunlight for themselves? I would have argued myself blue in the face to save it, and now all I can do is complain until I'm blue in the face. And buses don't help that.

Frieda Bellows

Editor's Comments: As soon as the Alameda Daily Noose and I received this letter, we scooped up Scoop, our faithful canine companion, piled our our crack Alameda Daily Noose photography team into the Noosemobile, and high-tailed it over to Mrs. Bellows' house. She greeted us in her finest curlers and bathrobe, but we brushed her and her pleasantries aside, rushed up to her bathroom, and snapped the Alameda Daily Noose photo you have been admiring above. Unfortunately, poor Mrs. Bellows, who couldn't bear to look at the horrible skyscraper any longer, had pulled the blinds, and she escorted us out of her bathroom before we were able to raise the blinds and snap yet another Pulitzer-prize-eligible Alameda Daily Noose photo.

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