Monday, October 15, 2007

East End or Eastendsterdam?

Alert Alamedans may have noticed a disturbing trend in Alameda's Desirable East End. It's not just that some lawns there have been replaced with suspiciously foreign looking groundcover and dangerously tall shrubs, or that the part of our Treasured Island east of Broadway is home to at least one known musician (who is not a polka player), but certain individuals in the East End have recently been caught setting a bad example for the next generation. That's right, we are at risk of having our vulnerable youth grow up believing that it's okay to use a bicycle as transportation.

Every right-thinking Alamedan knows that bicycles are purely recreational. When used strictly for fun, they pose no threat. However, when people who become dependent on bikes, using them on a daily basis and even taking them to work or school, their lives and their health can change completely. It has become clear that in Alameda's East End, there are those who not only use bicycles themselves, but are also selling them to others in quantities to large to be explained as for recreational purposes only. People who sell bicycles often find themselves using their ill-gotten profits to buy more bicycles for themselves, which then forces them to sell more to feed their growing habit, developing what is widely known as a vicious cycle. Don't let this happen to your loved ones. Have a talk with your children today about the dangers of inappropriate bicycle use.

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