Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Former City Council Candidate Says Ice Cream Social Engineering Must Be Stopped


I visited a local ice cream parlor the other day, and I was shocked - SHOCKED! - at the ridiculous selection of ice cream flavors that were all crowded in there together, cheek to jowl, in a big, boxy glass case. I was so disgusted I stormed out and swore then and there never to go back.

Back when I was a little girl, the only flavor of ice cream you could get was honest, hard working vanilla. We all paid our nickel and ate our one scoop of vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone and we LIKED it. NOBODY likes all these other newfangled so-called flavors. What the heck is a praline, anyway, and why would any right-thinking Alamedan want it in her ice cream? Sounds French to me - save that stuff for Paris, that's NOT Alameda.

I know what's REALLY going on here. These flavors are being crammed down our throats by Big Ice Cream, who don't care one whit about Alameda's traditions and history. They are only interested in one thing, PROFIT, and more flavors packed tighter into the display case means more greenbacks in their icy hands. Don't they realize that these attempts at Ice Cream Social Engineering are doomed to fail? The only people who buy that stuff obviously come from out of town and are almost certainly the very same jerks who are constantly parking in front of my house.

It's time for right-thinking Alamedans to TAKE BACK THE ICE CREAM CASE! Don't patronize any establishment that sells all those quote-unquote flavors that nobody wants. Let's run Big Ice Cream out of town on a rail, and let's do it this summer, before it's too late!


Former City Council Candidate

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