Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bagpipe-Hugger Roy Avery Is at It Again


I'm sure that long-time Alamedans are proud of our Danny MacSteele's success. I've read her historical novels with great interest, and especially enjoyed Love's Caber's Toss'd, but I think she's made a serious error in her latest work.

I haven't read her new book yet, and I don't intend to now that I know what an unkind portrayal of Angus Horsburgh it contains. The way I've heard it told, Angus was no monster. He was just a music lover, and a supporter of the arts, who happened to look a bit too handsome in a kilt for his own good. True, he made some mistakes, but it does our community no good to spread exaggerations and harmful falsehoods about a one-time vice-mayor. And the bit about the Squirrels was totally uncalled for. That was just a vicious rumor cirulated by men who were jealous of Angus and his manly charms!

I hope little Danny will consult with me next time she's writing a book, so that I can help her steer clear of such jarring inaccuracies in her accounts of Alameda history.

Roy Avery

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