Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finally, Some Real "Trash Talk" from Brenda Karl!


I think that you and I, as well as the Alameda Daily Noose, know full-well who's going to kick whose bushy-tailed posterior at tomorrow's "Fray by the Bay." Yeah, that's right, former councilmember Brenda Karl is going to administer a smack-down the likes of which D.A.R.L.I.N.G. little Elaine Hollandaise has never seen! I'm going to come down on her like her good friends, the Squirrels, on a bag full of nuts! She won't be feeling so chipper when I've got her in a headlock. She'll be begging to be sent back to San Francisco, where we all know she lives with all her rodent buddies. She'll be hugging those ropes like they were a tree, but little does she know, I'll be the axe comin' to chop her sorry derriere!

It's lucky for little Elaine that tomorrow's big match is going to be held in Alameda Hospital, because she's going to need intensive care when I'm through with her. I hope she hasn't cashed all those checks from Big Arborist yet, 'cause she's going to need them to pay her hospital bills! She may float like a flying Squirrel, but I'm going to drop her like an acorn in autumn. Boo-yah!

Brenda Karl

Editor's note: Now that's more like it! What is it that the kids these days say? Oh yes, "You are a go-go girl!"

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