Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Selection - Helping Kids Get Grumpy

[Editor Note: This is a special book feature exclusive to the Alameda Daily Noose. We know you would rather be watching television, as all Right-thinking Alamedans do, but it may be worth your time to fetch one or more of these books to read to your children and grandchildren. Be sure to shop locally, at bookstores like, Barnes and Noble, and Borders!]
Are you troubled by the perpetually sunny, singing child or grandchild in your life? A great way to communicate with youngsters is to read them a colorful, picture-filled book, especially one with animal characters. What a better way to teach the youngster in your life how to be grumpy than to give them the gift of a book that they can read (and be read to) over and over again. It's never too early to teach the next generation how to view the glass as half-empty!

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