Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthplace of Roger Grumbel Made an Historical Monument

Just in time to honor the retirement of Roger Grumbel, founder of the mighty Alameda Daily Noose media empire to which we are the rightful heirs, Mr. Grumbel's birthplace has been enshrined as an historical monument.

We are somewhat disappointed to find that the name "Alameda Daily Noose" is apparently too wide to fit into the commemorative plaque. We are hoping that the City will see it within their hearts (and budget) to re-order a new, slightly wider plaque, that will accommodate the entire name. Surely, it's the least they can do for someone who laid the groundwork for us to single-handledly save our Treasured Island from the horrors of Alamedageddon.

In spite of this technical glitch, we here are beside ourselves with pride and joy for our journalistic forefather to be honored in such a fashion. Don't worry readers, we know that this feeling will pass soon and we will go back to being our usual angry selves. You can take that to the bank!

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