Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Living by Janet Marchant: Green Computing

Most of us Right-Thinking Alamedans are now not only going "green," but we are also learning how to use computers. I am pleased to announce that as of this column, I am now going "green" even in the use of a computer to write this very column!

Yes, instead of using a standard-issue computer made out of toxic materials such as tungsten, copper, bismuth, potassium, silicon, and carbon, my computer is now made of 100%-certified, hand-carved, old- growth, sustainable wood!

This is a beauty. I usually try to avoid pitching specific products in this column, letting you the reader do your own research to find the most green supplier, but I have to break my own rule just this time. I picked up this Kiwi 6ES at Green Depot on High Street for only $399 plus tax. Under the "trunk" this beauty features a quad-core, 3GHz AMC Pentium, 1.6 KB of SSD RAM, and a 20 MB Bio-RAID hard drive—enough hard disk space to hold every word in the dictionary!

But all that raw power means nothing compared to the feeling I get when booting it up every morning, knowing that I'm using green materials when I write my column. Remember, every tree that is turned into a computer or stylish iPod is a tree that can no longer harbor dangerous Squirrels.

So why wait? Join the green computing revolution today!

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