Thursday, July 30, 2009

Agenda-Driven "Newspaper" Tries to Force Us All to Like Squirrels


You won't believe the outrageous thing I saw in that crummy excuse for a "newspaper" that I never read! Right there in the July 28th edition, those lousy editors had the nerve to publish something about how wonderful Squirrels are when they are eavesdropping in public. Eavesdropping? Hah! More like collecting intelligence to use against us in the Global War on Squirrels.

By quoting someone saying that Squirrels are wonderful, those agenda-driven "journalists" are trying to force us all to like Squirrels, which is ridiculous. We all know that Squirrels are the opposite of wonderful, and that they are trying to destroy Alameda. Well, I guess they just found another ally for that effort. That "newspaper" must have completely sold out to Big Acorn. I think I'll cancel my subscription, even though it won't be the same opening my door in the morning and not seeing a two-bit "newspaper" that I can kick aside and refuse to read.

Frieda Bellows

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