Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They're Everywhere!


Because I know that you do all you can to alert the public to the wily ways of the foes of Measure Acorn,

I feel you are the only one I can trust to reveal what I have found. I recently left Alameda - only temporarily, I assure you! - to take in the splendid art that is CATS! (Good performances are so much harder to find on the Island now that the Super-Mega-Monster-Plex That Everyone Hates is open. People are so busy not going to the movies, they don't have time to avoid the legitimate stage!)

As I entered the theater, I saw something that chilled me to the bone. Right there, in the open - an icon of a Squirrel! I knew at that point that I was in enemy territory, in a place that was definitely not Alameda! It was also clear that news of this abomination needed to reach the outside world - by which I mean right-thinking Alamedans - and what better way than a newspaper on the verge of winning awards?

I could only take a hasty cameraphone image, to which I have included a link* as confirmation of how low non-Alamedans can sink. In order to get my proof, I distracted onlookers by pointing away from myself and shouting, "Hey, isn't that a cute little Squirrel?" Of course, all those philistines turned away, and I was able to snap a picture of the travesty, which I am entrusting to you. I know you will do the right thing.

Yours in battle,
Andy Nominousse

*The Alameda Daily Noose and I are unfamiliar with this whole "link" concept. In lieu of all this technological tomfoolery, we asked Mr. Nomenclature to print out the picture from his bananaphone and mail it to us, hence the perfectly excusable delay in our publication of his letter.

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