Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parcel Tax Apparently Passing, Despite Recieving Approximately Zero "Yes" Votes


I can't believe the nonsense I've been hearing about Measure H getting enough votes to pass. If that were true, it would spell disaster for our already hopelessly coddled schools, and I'm sure I would have read something about that impending disaster in the Alameda Daily Noose.

Clearly, there's been some serious miscalculation on the part of those making these spurious claims of Measure H getting twice as many "yes" votes as "no" votes. I don't see how it would be possible for it to get the support of even a simple majority, especially when you consider how unpopular this election was. Of the 40,238 registered voters in Alameda, only 13,529 voted on Measure H, and only 9,010 of those voted in favor of it. That must mean that the majority of registered voters in Alameda were opposed to it, some so strongly that they refused to even touch any ballot that mentioned it, let alone go near one of those vipers' nests called "polling places," where known Measure H supporters might be lurking.

Furthermore, those registered voters do not represent a significant portion of our population, namely those who are too young to vote. Yes, oddly enough, scool-age children did not have a voice in the argument over how much tax money their schools should receive. I clearly remember not liking school when I was that age, so it's obvious that all of their votes would have been "no" had they been allowed to cast them.

When you consider that the 9,000 people who purportedly did vote in favor of Measure H equals little more than ten percent of Alameda's population, and that anyone who did vote in favor of this giveaway to our bloated schools probably did so in the belief that they could change their votes later, just as our representatives do in Sacramento, the percentage of citizens who truly supported Measure H rapidly approaches zero.

In fact, if it weren't for people who feel that they must vote "yes" on such measures simply because they can't bear to say "no" to adorable children, there probably never would have been so much as the illusory appearance of support for Measure H. Why, if I'd thought for a moment that Measure H had any chance of passing, I never would have voted for it myself!

Yours in shock and disbelief,

Jamie Neatly

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