Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fie the Furry Menace!

Good sir!

No matter what anyone tells you, do not relent in your valiant effort to repel the Furry-Tailed Menace! Those who oppose you are a sad, frightened lot, like the Finnish fools who opened this museum:
Feeding Squirrels? What the devil are they thinking? Aid and comfort to the enemy, we called that in our day. What's next - the Finnish prime minister - or whatever those loons have - waving about an empty bag of peanuts, prattling on about "peace in our time"?

That will never do! Appeasement leads to expansion and what's next? You're overrun with the furry blighters and they're nibbling on your textiles! No, no - far better to fight, fight on with every ounce of strength until the trees are free once again. Sic semper sciurinus!

Yours emphatically,
Sir Arthur Brainwhitenge, Ret.

Editor's Comments:

After double-clicking on the dingus in Lord Brainwitsend's "gee-mail" message above, the Alameda Daily Noose and I were disappointed to find a photo of a Squirrel not from Finland but rather from Los Angeles. That's just the kind of shoddy journalism we have come to expect from the baguette-munchers at Agence France-Presse. Fortunately, with just a little goggling of the interwebs, we were able to find this shocking footage of Finnish Squirrels and their fearsome weapons of museum-shredding mayhem:

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