Monday, June 9, 2008

Alameda to Be Ignored by Goverment

Dear Mr. Editor Man:

Last week's election results were depressing for Alameda. Come this November, Alameda will no longer have any representation in our state or country's government.

When Don Perata is replaced, there will no longer be an Alamedan standing up for our unique interests in the state senate. Our current assembly representative, Mr. Swanson Sandre, is not an Alamedan. Our congressional representative, Mr. Fourtney Stark, is certainly not one of us; I wonder if he's even been to our fair city. Our senators? Please! Our governor is certainly not an Alamedan (He's not even American!) And have Mr. Obama or Mr McCain even HEARD of Alameda? (They're going to have to come here before I'd even think of casting my vote for either of them in November!)

Without representation, it's high time that we stop paying our taxes. I will not stand for TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

If that doesn't get their attention and give Alamedans a say in our state and country, we should begin making plans to file the necessary paperwork to become an independent island like Fiji or the United Kingdom.

Sincerely ticked off,
Reginald Kowalski

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