Monday, September 24, 2007

Growing, Growing, Gone! Tree Allies Conspire to Destroy View of Twin Towers

Growing... And gowing... Gone!
Hi, Rog,

It's a disgrace! Why wasn't I notified of the City’s plans to allow a certain store to install radical new landscaping improvements that are already blocking views? They're trying to ram these misshapen shrubs down our throats! You can see from the photos I took that the view of the Twin Towers church is partly blocked now, and is COMPLETELY OBSCURED when you are lying on the sidewalk. As that huge, ugly plant continues to grow, IT WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN! Is that what we want? All of our views should be preserved, and anyway I don't hold with people willy-nilly planting flowers and shrubs, and certainly not trees! And let me tell you, trees are exactly what this kind of sloppy planning will lead to if we are not careful!

Yours in a tizzy,
Mabelle Spayce-Teleskop

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Anonymous said...

This outrage MUST NOT STAND!!!

I urge all REAL ALAMEDANS to call Bev Jo and DEMAND that the California National Guard be brought in to protect us from this menace. Harmless bushes my foot! Have you ever seen Day of the Triffids?
Let's not wait until these bushes uproot themselves and go on a homicidal rampage. Unlike in the movie, we'd all be defenseless---after all, lighthouses are now run by computers. We are DOOMED.