Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Living by Janet Marchant: Host an Earth Day Party!

Earth Day is Coming!

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not going to be going to the official "Planet Alameda" Earth Day Celebration. Yes, I'm happy that our City Leaders recognized that Alameda is its own planet, as I mentioned last year. But it's inexcusable that they are still using Squirrels as part of their imagery, despite being called on the carpet two years ago by the Alameda Daily Noose (months before Yours Truly joined the Alameda Daily Noose Staff).

Instead of going the to City festivities, why not host your own Earth Day Party at home? It's easy and fun!

First, make a list of all your friends and invite them. Even if you have friends who live in cities that are not Alameda, be sure to invite them too, so you can show them how nice it is to live on Planet Alameda. (Since Earth Day is coming soon, you can't trust the mail, so you will need to hand-deliver your invitations. Fill up your Hybrid Hummer with Earth-Friendly gas at one of Alameda's Valero Gas Stations, and be sure to tell the owners that you are supporting their efforts to fight Global Warming while you are at it).

Be sure to warn the neighbors that you will be having a party, and ask them to move their cars over to the next block so there will be plenty of parking for your friends when they arrive!

Stock up on Earth-Day-Themed party goods at your local Party Zone! or Fiesta Barn. Get your Earth Day Paper Plates, Earth Day Paper Napkins, and of course some nice GREEN Earth Day Plastic Silverware!

For the party itself, you can truly have an Earth-themed "bash" by taking turns bashing on an Earth PiƱata! You can make one of your own by using an old globe, filling it with yummy candy treats like green M&Ms, or perhaps some cute little plastic mini-toys from ever-green China and then covering your earth with bits of tissue paper!.

Enjoy your Earth Day Party!

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