Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Former City Council Candidate Says She was Gobsmacked that Robot Mayor Seems to Have Done a 180 on Secret Robot Base


I was literally gobsmacked by the news that our Evil Robot Mayor seems to have done a 180 on the Secret Robot Base. You see, when I was a little girl and I got over-excited, my grandmother would always smack me in the gob with a fish, just like they do in the Old Country. Now my husband keeps a nice rainbow trout on hand whenever I read the Noose, just in case, and believe me, it came in handy yesterday.

I cannot believe that anyone could be wishy-washy enough to change their opinions that much so quickly, but good for us, there's now an excellent chance of nothing being built at Alameda Point in our lifetime. Until now, I thought that the Evil Robot Mayor was just being influenced and manipulated by people who don't even live in Alameda, people who think we need to build a bunch of high-rises here, but now I see that she makes decisions using her own good common sense.

Former City Council Candidate

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