Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Newcomer Loves Alameda, Daily Noose, and Me


I'm new to Alameda, and I was glad to find your website with all of the good information about what's what in Alameda. This is a great town, but the one thing I wish you had here is a good men's wear store. I was trying to buy a pair of pants the other day, and I just couldn't find what I needed at any of the clothing stores in Alameda. I thought maybe some of your readers know about some secret place to shop for pants in Alameda. Or, if there isn't any place like that, maybe some people would be interested in helping me lobby the City Council to get a good men's wear store here.

Gerald Auslander

Editor's comments:

As anyone who is actually from Alameda knows, there is no need to buy men's wear in Alameda. For hundreds of years, it has been traditional for the men of Alameda to get in their cars and drive to some other city to purchase trousers, breeches, plus-fours, jodhpurs, or whatever type of leg coverings happened to be appropriate at the time. It's a good thing that the Alameda Daily Noose and I are here to clear up this kind of misunderstanding.

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Unknown said...

We use to have Three great Men stores back in the 1960. You will have to go to SF