Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lon Geddoff Cuts Men's Wear Industry Down to Size


I cant' believe that outrageous letter you printed about trying to ram a new business down our throats here in Alameda. It's obvious that Mr. Auslander, if that is his real name, is just a paid shill for the Men's Wear industry. In other words, he is in the pocket of Big Trousers! We all know that's a pretty big pocket, which is why there is room for almost all of our politicians in it. The Men's Wear industry doesn't need any help from us, in fact they need to be cut down to size.

Besides that, no Right-Thinking Alamedan would want any kind of new store in town, because that would cause traffic. Anyone who's spent any amount of time here knows that our roads are already filled to capacity. Why, there are times when I'm driving, and I have to be careful not to drift over the center line because there are actually other cars coming in the opposite direction! What is this town coming to?

Lon Geddoff

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