Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greedy Developers Need to Think Less about Money and More about Our Sales Tax Revenue


Those developer fat-cats always have only one thing on their minds: money. It's all about the bottom line for those greedy, calculating exploiters trying to squeeze profits out of our community. They want to build "mixed use" with commercial space, housing, retail, schools, parks and all kinds of other shady-sounding things, and all we will get out of it is "attractive, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with ample recreation opportunities."

Where's our money? If new jobs are going to be created in Alameda, they need to be the kind of jobs that will benefit us financially, and not just whatever currently unemployed deadbeats out there are going to swoop in and take those jobs, and live in those houses, and clutter up those new parks with their tricycles and Frisbees. We expect any new development to maximize the all-important sales tax money that is the only possible source of funds for fixing potholes on our streets so that we can drive to other cities to shop.

We fail to see how any decent person can focus solely on generating revenue from environmentally responsible, socially beneficial development, when their top priority should be funding services for the people who aren't going to live and work in those new developments.

Inaction Alameda

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Anonymous said...

Dave Williamson, you should dig deeper. You are being used. Your holy document, Measure Acorn, is obviously the work of a community organizer from the disgraced group ACORN, a known squirrel front group.