Friday, March 14, 2008

All-You-Can-Eat Fischer-Schnitzel Served Tomorrow Night at Alameda's Rusty Scupper

Alameda's own Ja, und das ist Polka! band will be playing this Saturday night at Cap'n Everett's Rusty Scupper Family Seafood Restaurant on the Alameda Riviera.

In addition to all the polkas you can stomach, the evening will feature all the delicious Fischer-Schnitzel you can eat. As Cap'n Everett's overseas pen pal Oberst Sänders would say, it's Finger-lecken gut! Refreshing beverages will cost $9 each, or $18 for two, but boy will they taste good after some energetic polka-ing and salty Schnitzel!

Of course, there is plenty of free parking, and it is not in front of anyone's house.

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