Friday, March 28, 2008

Betsy Baker Disagrees With Housing Plans

Hello Rog,

I must say, I am amazed that anyone would consider allowing our corrupt City government to even talk about building any housing at Alameda Point. Why, that land is so clogged with toxic waste that the least Terns are forced to stay at the far edges. If they were to nest any farther inland, the toxic fumes rising from the soil would kill them, or at least cause very unpleasant headaches.

With all of the radioactive waste and who-knows-what-all out there, the base is no place for people to be living. Instead of houses, we should put a hospital there. Only people who are already sick would want to sleep on top of a sickening pile of military refuse. Why, I'll bet that would be the most profitable hospital in the Bay Area, what with the great views, and the beds not being in use for long.

The hospital wouldn't take up much space, so the rest of the land could be used for parks. It's so wonderful to have places where our children can come in contact with pristine nautre, breathing clean air and digging their toes into wholesome, grassy fields. And when they grow up, happy and healthy, they can live in Antioch, because we sure aren't going to have any space for the little road-hogs here. I don't want them parking in front of my house!

Betsy Baker

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