Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inaction Alameda's "Wear Green" Campaign an Uninhibited Success

Rumors are flooding into our noose desk that our "wear green" campaign, which we launched only yesterday, was an uninhibited success. Throughout Alameda, citizens got into the spirit; by all accounts, in fact, their spirits were quite high. It seems that the taxpayers are so fed up with big-government control of their movements that they went beyond our suggestion of wearing green clothing and extended it to their beverages as well.

So great was moral indignation of Right Thinking Alamedans everywhere that sometimes it was difficult to understand what they were saying; obviously, they were so intoxicated with righteous outrage that their speech was a bit slurred. We noticed an unusual amount of kissing going on and, as the ones who single-handedly summoned forth this great green crusade, we were definitely feeling the love.

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