Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Grumps of Alameda Need Your Help

On Saturday, March 20th, at the Rusty Scupper restaurant, Miss Grumpy Alameda will be holding a fund-raiser to provide Future Grumps of Alameda scholarships to young Alamedans in need of instruction in the fine art of complaining. In a statement released today, Miss Grumpy said, "Kids these days are only interested in helping other people, and doing it with a smile. That's not Alameda! Somebody needs to put these fresh-faced do-gooders on the right track, and teach them how to work up a good rant. The future of Alameda is at stake, so bring your kids and grandkids to the fund-raiser, and we'll kick of the evening with a demonstration of classic grumpiness. That's the kind of education kids should be getting."

As of press time, tickets for the event are still available, if you know who to ask. As usual, the Inaction Alameda Alameda Daily Noose is not covering this event because we are being paid to promote Miss Grumpy Alameda. We are doing it despite that.

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