Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dedd Awn Blames SunCal, and So Can You


The firefighters are blaming the City Council for voting to hold a special election for land developer SunCal's Alameda Point peat bog initiative. I disagree. The City Council did not create this situation; land developer SunCal created this situation when it used reverse psychology to pressure the Council into bringing the Alameda Point initiative to voters in February, instead of waiting for the June election. If the City is going to have to pay more for the special election, it's because SunCal protested the special election too much. They left the Council with no choice but to put an extra burden on taxpayers who would otherwise have denounced them for giving in to the wishes of Evil Developers.

As soon as I realized that SunCal was to blame in this case, I began to see a pattern. First, I noticed that my computer screen had filled with annoying pop-up ads because I had been searching for information on SunCal. Later that same day, I made a wrong turn in my car because I was distracted by my own fuming about SunCal. When I heard recently that there had been an earthquake in Argentina, I knew who to blame: SunCal. And now I know that when people park in front of my house, it's all the fault of SunCal.

Life is much simpler now that I never have to wonder who to blame. The answer is always SunCal. This knowledge has given new focus to my complaining. If any of your readers would like to enjoy the same benefits, I highly recommend always blaming SunCal.

Dedd Awn

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