Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcing "Developers of Suncaltaan" Board Game!

The Alameda Daily Noose and I are honored to scoop the competition in announcing the immediate availability of DEVELOPERS OF SUNCALTAAN, a fast-paced, action-packed, award-winning, family-friendly board game in which you the Right-Thinking Alamedan can pit yourself against the evil, notorious DEVELOPERS OF SUNCALTAAN to preserve your Fair Island City against the rising tide of Manhattanization!

Suitable for two to four players, this board game relies on your skill—but look out for the roll of the dice!—to defeat the developers. Settle your island with Measure-Acorn-compatible dwelling units and lay new traffic-decongesting freeways, or draw "Anti-development" cards to:

  • Populate neighborhoods with "Keep Measure Acorn" signs.
  • Sway the vote of the mayor and city council members back and forth.
  • Write angry letters to the editor.
  • Issue lawsuits against people you disagree with.
  • Block any development from happening on the island.
  • Issue ad hominem attacks.
  • Sign petitions in favor of the developers—and then remove your signature from the list.
  • Alienate the non-right-thinking public so much that they side with the developers even if they mostly agree with your points.
Designed by German-Alamedan Klaus Teuber, DEVELOPERS OF SUNCALTAAN was awarded the coveted "Spiel des Jahres" award (Game of the Year), the even more coveted "Deutscher Spiele Preis" award (we're not sure what that means but it sounds impressive), Meeples' Choice Award. It was inducted into the Games Magazine Hall of Fame, alongside the perennial favorites MONOTONY, MANHATTANIZATION, RISKY BUSINESS, and CHESS.

Battling the developers has never been so much fun! Available at Dee-20 Games, SVN/Pharmacy, City Hall, Toy Jungle, Alameda City Chamber of Commerce Headquarters, and everyplace else fine board games are sold.

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