Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alameda Daily Noose and I Receive Praise for Outstanding Reporting on Every Issue

Hello Mr. G!

This is James "T-Bone" Whitfield coming at you from Ms. Python's Journalism Class at Encinal High School. She gave us an assignment to pick our favorite news source and write a letter to the editor to send them some props, you know what I"m saying, so you know your work is appreciated by the peeps out there. I did some heavy thinking while I was waiting in line at Mickey D's and I decided that almost all of my favorite news sources are actually FAKE ... you know, like parodies and what-not. John Stewart and Steve-o Colbert on the tube, and the Onion on the news racks. I tell you, bro, I learn more about all those countries that we are in a war with, you know those ones that start with "I" and the other ones that end in "istan", than I would watching Katie Couric or reading the Wall Street Windshield Washer!

But you, YOU are the MAN when it comes to tellin it straight for us peeps here at home in A-Town. Maybe you're the last REAL source of REAL facts left that doesn't suck! I hope you print this picture of me and the peeps from my class so I can show em proud. That's me in the middle, my main man Hank who looks like he's growin' out of my head LOL, my cousin Ricky up in the corner with his XGF Katie (but they are still tight, go figure), and Bad Bill over on the right side, and up in front next to me is my sweetie Mishelle and also Heather and Heather, who are both Mishelle's BFFs. You know what I'm sayin, we are a tight group here in our journey class, and Ms. Python should be lucky to have people like us taking her class! LOL, I mean ROTFL. You ever over near the Encinal Campus you just text me to say you're coming and I bet Ms. Python will let you talk up a few at our class, we'd be real honored, cause YOU THE MAN, so don't ever give it up!

Editor's Comments:

The Alameda Daily Noose and I have been receiving even more praise than usual this week. Of course, we are extremely modest about our own talents, but we have pledged to publish every single letter that arrives in our mailbag, without exception (unless you count those letters that the senders clearly wrote accidentally, since no-one could intentionally be so wrong-headed and foolish).

Young Mr. T-Zone clearly has his head screwed on straight. Although he seems a little confused when he lumps that Stephen Colbert fellow in with purveyors of parody, we're sure that his journalism teacher can help clear that up.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!