Thursday, May 28, 2009

Outraged Alamedan Donald Kirkland: "Cromwell Is Spinning In His Grave"


I am saddened by the Board of Education vote Tuesday night which will be so costly to the district, so discriminatory in putting thespians above all other protected classes, turns an "overall" curriculum meant to be a "framework" into an actor-exclusive "victory", and dividing the house that was our school district’s community.

The lawyers were in the room and there is no way of knowing how much this will cost the district in terms of funds. No way of knowing how many lawsuits will result. No way of knowing if the curriculum will achieve the goals for the thespians, or if it will create more name calling after the curriculum is taught as it has at Otis School after the test stage productions.

There was a time when thespians rightly followed a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Normal, civilized members of society could pass them in the street without ever knowing of their shocking dramatic inclinations, and everyone was happy. That joyful time was thanks to the sensible policies of Oliver Cromwell, who outlawed all theatrical performances in Alameda in 1642. Cromwell is spinning in his grave, now, thanks to the BOE's disappointing vote and blasphemous comments.

It is a shame the new superintendent doesn't have her head on straight like Oliver Cromwell. It has been overwhelmingly obvious that the majority of Alamedans rejected this proposal for teaching about thespianism in the schools, and did so for a wide range of reasons. Since this is the way this superintendent and Board want to run our schools, they will do it without any more parcel tax support. This is a sad turning point and a heartbreaking way for a new board and a new superintendent of a broke school district to establish a relationship with the community.

Donald Kirkland


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