Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former City Council Candidate Goes Too Far


I can't believe anybody was ever worried about brown-nosing or any other minor problems at our fire stations. Now that I know how much those moochers earn, even apart from overtime, we know what the real problem is. If they are too incompetent to provide us with high quality service for half the cost, I say just shut 'em all down.

What do we need emergency response for, anyway? You know what? The world's a tough place. I mean, maybe if your house is burning down you might need a little help, but what's all this nonsense about fire stations rushing to the aid of somebody with "cardiac arrest?" In my day, we didn't coddle heart-attack victims. Just walk it off, we'd tell them. Don't give me some song and dance about being "unconscious" or "unresponsive." Heart-attack "victims" used to help themselves and not expect some emergency team to do it.

Nowadays, people talk like it's important to have a heart in the first place, which quite frankly I don't think is necessary. Anyone who has that much trouble with their heart should just have it removed.

Former City Council Candidate

Editor's Comments:

Nobody is going to shut down our neighborhood fire station if the Alameda Daily Noose and I have anything to say about it. This time, Former City Council Candidate has gone too far. Clearly, fire service is one of those rare good uses of our tax money, because we might need to use it someday.

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