Monday, December 1, 2008

Once Is Never Enough for Alameda Daily Noose Classics


Its a darn good thing that you published Former City Council Candidate's Thanksgiving letter again this year, because I needed a dose of grump. Once is never enough for that kind of classic Daily Noose item. My son says I could have used some kind of Interweb dingus to find the letter in last year's edition, but I don't have time to mess around with that when I don't even know what month it was published in.

You should reprint things more often. Sometimes I miss a day of the Alameda Daily Noose, so you should always publish the previous day's edition along with the current one. That way, I won't miss anything probably.

Anyway, I agree with Former City Council Candidate that it is so important to preserve the tradition of complaining. These days, the art of complaining is almost dead. In my day, we complained every day, need it or not. Kids these days are soft, and they hardly know how to whine or moan, let alone complain. What with all the lack of complaining, I have trouble getting inspired to work up a good rant myself, sometimes.

What is our City Council doing to make sure everyone has a chance to complain? And why aren't they complaining more themselves? I see them on the T.V. saying things like "I see your point, but I respectably disagree." What does that even mean? Those words are just nonsense and gobbledygook as far as I can tell.

What we need in this town is some good old-fashioned personal abuse. Its not good enough just to call someone else's ideas moronic. You need to make it clear that the person is a moron. Anyone who can't even do that is a moron!

Frieda Bellows

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