Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inaction Alameda Thanks Wrong-Thinking Alamedans


Just a quick thank you to all you Wrong-Thinking Alamedans out there—presumably the Squirrel-huggers, as we cover so many Squirrel-related issues—for being the second largest readership contingent of our Inaction Alameda noose site for 2008! Right-Thinking readers drove the most traffic to our site in 2008 with 365 visits. (Like all Right-Thinking Alamedans, these readers prefer to drive down the super-information highway all by themselves, just as they drive around our Treasured Island.) They were followed in a close second by what our gut tells us are most certainly Wrong-Thinking users, with a grand total of 1 visit.We here at Inaction Alameda know that these numbers are accurate because our site features a state-of-the-art blinking red hit counter, and we check it every single day.

Inaction Alameda


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