Monday, December 22, 2008

Local Store Displays Christmas Decoration

Webster Street merchant "Kraft Kornucopia" announced yesterday that it is now displaying a tasteful decoration in its front window in celebration of the Christmas Season.

Store owner Samira O'Leary said, in a prepared statement, "My family has had Christmas decorations in our house since late November. I thought, why not bring a bit of that Christmas cheer to my business?" Ms. O'Leary placed a small wreath made out of holly and sprigs of douglas fir, festooned with simulated snowflakes and the words "Peace On Our Earth," in a corner of the store's large window display.

This is the first time in this noosepaper's 150 years of operation that we have known a store owner to exhibit decorations to celebrate any of the mostly religious holidays that occur in December.

Passers-by on Webster Street were a bit surprised to see Christmas decorations in the storefront. While most Alameda neighbors we spoke to were supportive, Ed Richlert was visibly upset. "Sure, a little Christmas cheer is nice to see, but what if it gets out of hand? What if, next year, this business brings in a homemade, clay model of the Nativity scene? Won't that trivialize the holiday? And what if this idea spreads to other cities as well?"

Alamedan Sue Richlert agreed, "I don't mind what people celebrate in the privacy of their own homes, but I don't want to have to look at all that explicit holiday paraphernalia in store windows. I already have to stay home on New Year's Eve because of my confetti phobia. What's next?"

The Alameda Daily Noose contacted leaders of local churches, synagogues, and temples for comment. Neither Rabbi Netan Goldmacher of Adath Israel, just down the street from the shop, nor William Nelson of the Mahayana Buddhist Center believed that it was an idea that would catch on.

Still, Ms. O'Leary was unfazed by the criticism. "I just want to warm people's hearts. And if anybody wants to come by my shop, at 1221 Webster street, to see the decoration, and maybe even do a little bit of gift-shopping, I would be more than happy to welcome them."

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