Friday, November 2, 2007

Outraged Alamedan Donald Kirkland Tells Viola Legume to Keep Her Peas in Her Pod!


Viola Legume has some Nurve!

Writing about scary costumes when the very soul of our island is at stake. Just look at the photo I have attached, of a multi-family house using it's front yard as a repository for vegetable matter! It's outrageous. We're an island!

Everyone knows that 1973's Measure Acorn saved the city from being overrun by bushy-tailed rodents. This photo shows exactly why we worked so hard to pass it. Rabbit-hutch, apartment dwellings are known for leaving their vegetable matter just lying around their yards. Can you imagine what Alameda would have looked like had we not passed these Laws That Saved Our City?

Outrageou-edly yours,

Donald Kirkland

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