Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Most Amazing Customer Service


I have to tell you a story about the most wonderful customer service I have ever experienced. Of course, it happened right here in Alameda.

As you know, I think it's important that we shop locally and support our local Alameda businesses. So I was visiting our local Starbucks, and since it was Sunday, I thought I'd treat myself to a hot cocoa. I placed my order - and the waitress (or I think they are also called barristers) actually went above and beyond the call of duty - she asked if I'd like whipped cream on my cocoa!

What a tasty delight it was! And such customer service. She didn't HAVE to offer me whipped cream, and that little token of appreciation made all the difference in the world!

I hope that all twelve of the other Starbucks in Alameda will learn from this young lady's example and continue this fine tradition of customer service.

Warm Regards,

Alicia Chen Schnatmeyer

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