Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dave Williamson Denounces Deceptive Real Estate Ads


I feel it is important to call to everyone's attention to some deceptive advertising by one of Alameda's real estate companies. There is currently a cottage listed online for sale in the "Stonehedge area," whereas everyone knows that the 1920's development pictured is called "Stoneleigh." It's very distinctive, but I guess some people can get confused about anything, especially when there is a coordinated effort going on to obfuscate the truth through misinformation like the obviously altered photo below.

Compare it to this genuine photo, and it should be obvious that someone with poor Photoshop skills is trying to perpetrate a hoax, perhaps in an effort to make it appear that there is more than one group of little courtyard homes in the city of Alameda.

Not only are the letters on the "Stonehedge" sign a different size from those in the original, but the forger has misspelled the name of the fictional development! Was it just due to gross carelessness, or do they think the citizens of Alameda are not intelligent enough to recognize that "Stonehenge" is clearly a nonsensical name?

Dave Williamson

Editor's Comments:

The alteration of photos for any purpose is reprehensible. The Alameda Daily Noose never publishes any photos that have been retouched, strategically cropped, or in any way made to represent something other than the absolute truth. Whoever is responsible for the blatant changes to the photo above should be ashamed!

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