Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sue Rijos Has a New Name for Measure B


I have an Idea.

They should change the name of Measure B
to Measure C for Crummy!!

Ha, ha, that's really clever and funny. Maybe it should be
Measure D for Dumb!!

Even better! How about
Measure E for Evil!!
Measure F for Foolish!!
Measure G for God-Awful!!
Measure H for Horrible!!
Measure I for Idiotic!!
Measure J for Junky!!
Measure K for Kooky!!
Measure L for Lousy!!
Measure M for Messed-Up!!

Wow, this just never gets old. How about
Measure N for Nasty!!
Measure O for Obnoxious!!
Measure P for Poopy!!
Measure Q for Questionable!!
Measure R for Rotten!!
Measure S for Stupid!!
Measure T for Trashy!!
Measure U for Unbearable!!
Measure V for Villainous!!
Measure W for Weak!!
Measure X for…

Measure X for…

Measure X for Xylophone, because…because X is always for Xylophone, and a Xylophone's as good as a Bagpipe in the dark to a blind bat, as my dear old grandmother always used to say!!

Then again, maybe it should be
Measure Y for Yucky!!
Measure Z for Zombifying!!

Which brings us back to
Measure A for…

No, no, wait, Measure A is reserved in perpetuity for Measure Acorn and Measure Angus, each of which is the only thing that stands between Alameda and total destruction. No, no, Measure A is out.

OK, so that only leaves the best name yet
Measure B for Bad!!

Sue Rijos

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