Friday, January 29, 2010

Measure Bagpipe Proponent Needs to Clean Up His Act!


Out of curiosity, I decided to go take a look at the house with the pro-measure-Bagpipe sign that you reported a couple of days ago. Thank you for mentioning the address of the house — it took no time to find it!

I have to say, I was shocked. One thing you didn't mention was how ugly the sign owner's house is. It is an absolute disgrace!

I mean, there were broken windows all over the front of the house, like the owner had been tossing balls into the windows on purpose. He had spray painted profanities all over the front of his house. Most of what I saw was not printable in a noosepaper, but the one phrase that can be repeated was "traitor go home." What kind of homeowner would do such a thing — that clearly lowers the property values of the house, not to mention the entire neighborhood!

As I got out of the car to investigate, I noticed a peculiar sulfur smell, like rotten eggs. Sure enough, there were eggshells strewn all over the otherwise well-manicured lawn. It was a bit odd that the lawn had streaks of yellow all over it, as if the owner had poured chemicals all over the place.

What strikes me as the oddest, however, is that the Measure Bagpipe sign, while it had appeared to be brand new and pristine in the photo in the ADN, was instead covered in blue slime and perhaps the remains of rotten tomatoes.

Clearly this homeowner is not going to make any points in influencing his neighbors by showing such an obvious lack of etiquette and taste.

With great affection,

Terry Jimpson

Editor's Comments:

Janet Marchant is on vacation this week, and it's a good thing she isn't in town to see that kind of mess. It would break her clean, green heart to see such abuse of Kentucky bluegrass. It's no wonder that people "discriminate" against Bagpipers, given the appalling lack of respect that these sonic lowlifes and their enablers have for their neighborhood property values. What kind of sick individual leaves rotting food on his own lawn instead of discreetly dumping it on someone elses's property, as the rest of us do?

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