Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something Has To Be Done About Jobless Crowding Alameda's Sidewalks

Dear Mr. Grumbel,

Every so often, I like to drive down to Park Street to eat lunch at one of our exotic restaurants. But nearly every time I arrive, I find that the sidewalks are packed with young, unemployed people. I'm not just talking about a few here and there, but literally hundreds of them.

This is absolutely an outrage. Young Alamedans should be working at this time of the day, not wandering around, talking, giggling, and wearing backpacks and showing off their baggy fashions. They are behaving like children! These young people need to get a job.

I believe that if they refuse to get a job by next Wednesday, we should all call the police and ask them to be arrested and taken to a place where they will do some work. That would keep these jobless youngsters from taking up so much space on our already over-crowded sidewalks.

Alameda's sidewalks and streets should be clear and quiet, to allow for retired, Right-Thinking Alamedans like myself to walk from my car to the entrance of my restaurant in peace.

With sincerity,

Dolores Freemason

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