Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Parking is disappearing!


On Sundays, my wife hits the swap meets and because they are early, she's back by 10am with a car load of things. Lately, we've been having problems parking in front of our house so that we don't ahve to walk too far with the new treasures. We're lucky that our garage isn't too far from the curb, and until recently, we've been able to park about 15 feet from it, which has made it really easy to move our latest acquisitions from the trunk to the garage.

Honestly, I'm not sure what we're going to do soon, as the place is packed to the gills with our weekly booty. The storage shed we've put in the driveway is also filling up.

But I digress, the trouble is, my neighbors now think they can park one of their cars in front of my house and that Alameda Police Department will do nothing to stop them. With all the talk about bus stops and crosswalks happening around town, I'm really nervous that we might lose our parking space once and for all. And then what will we do? Walk 50 feet from the car to the garage with our stuff? We'll have to stop shopping. This city's going down the drain quick.

Joel McGilliam

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Anonymous said...

There has been too much talk about deemphasizing car usage in Alameda and the world. I just don’t get it. The more people you put into busses, the more smelly busses you need. Most of the busses I’ve seen are empty so to add to this will only spoil the environment more.

What we really need is a return to the horse and buggy. This is one of the founding principles of Action Alameda. Return to the horse and buggy. If we do that then, the Carnegie building will be big enough for a library, we’ll have 7 or 8 single screen theaters with well over 5,000 seats scattered all over Alameda, but at least three of them will be downtown, and Neptune Beach will be open drawing thousands from off the island (oops, don’t want that to happen).

If only we could all get into Mr. Peabody’s WayBack machine, travel back to a kinder gentler era where AA wouldn’t be a small group of whacked out people then all would be right with the world. You remember the good old days; the McCarthy hearings, conformity at all costs, and everyone knowing their own place in society. Those are the days AA yearns for.

But back to cars; you can have my car when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.