Monday, April 23, 2007

Clueless person responds to Jill Snooty


Jill Snooty's letter makes absolutely no sense. The fact that one bus passed a single stop at which no one was waiting does not make a bus stop unneeded. What about the dozens of other riders that use that stop? Don't they have a right to catch the bus in a convenient location?

And to call oneself an environmentalist while talking about increasing parking is the height of hypocrisy. Cars are the number one generator of greenhouse gases in Alameda.


Fred Wilkins

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Wilkins clearly doesn't understand the underlying point of Ms. Snooty's letter. The fact that the bus stop is not always in use was the crux of the issue, and clearly shows that buses are barely used in Alameda. As big, loud, smoke spewing monsters, buses are the great polluters, a fact that everyone knows. Mr. Wilkins obviously knows nothing about the environmental hazards caused by having to drive half a block further than one wants to, in order to find a convenient parking space.

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