Wednesday, April 25, 2007

City Council working against local businesses


I am outraged and I must share my outrage with your readers. Recently, I heard from my neighbor’s brother’s girlfriend’s dogwalker’s babysitter that one of our City Council people had taken a campaign contribution in 1998 from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! Does this mean that our City Council is trying to undermine the sweet deliciousness that is our very own Tucker’s Ice Cream? While I have no proof, this 1998 campaign contribution clearly shows that the City Council is working against local businesses and trying to replace them with chain stores bent on destroying our small town character.

Roger, we must expose this awful plan and our first step is to boycott Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I hope you will urge your readers to join me in a Ice Cream dump-out. Bring your Cherry Garcia and Chubby Hubby to the steps of City Hall on Saturday at 9 o’clock where we will dump the ice cream in protest to the City Council.

Brenda Gelato

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Anonymous said...

I too have heard facts about who contributed to the Mayor's campaign. I think we need to pass a law that will require these career politicians to make thier campaign contributions public. Maybe the County or the State could collect this information and make it available to us the people! That way we won't have to rely on in-siders leaking this information out. Obviously, small town grass-roots candidates would not have to publish this, just the career politicians like Beverly Johnson and her gang.